Fishing Reports

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 10/6 – 10/13/17

The fishing on Silver Lake was like a yo-yo this past week with some really good size Rainbows coming in but few and far in between on stringers.  Despite DFW stocking Silver Lake twice this past week, a stringer full of fish took some effort.  We did however, see some... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 10/1 – 10/8/17

The Aspens are changing color and the weather is nice one day and cold the next, there are more people in the area with cameras then fishing gear.  What does that mean?  It must be Fall in the Eastern Sierra!!  That however, has not dampened the fishing here at Silver... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 9/12 – 9/23/17

This past week we went from Summer, to Fall, to Winter in a matter of days, but that didn’t stop the fishing to be spectacular here at Silver Lake.  In between some brutal wind and snow, the fishing here at Silver Lake was as good as you could hope with... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 9/4 – 9/10/17

The fishing on Silver Lake has stayed steady this past week, after an exceptional couple of weeks previously.  While its has slowed down slightly after our 4,000 pound load of Rainbows got stocked into Silver Lake a few weeks ago, it has returned to normal catching with some very nice... Read More

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!!  We, here at Silver Lake Resort, wish and hope that everyone had a glorious Holiday Weekend and whether you were fishing  or vacationing in the beautiful Eastern Sierra or spending time with friends and family, we thank each and everyone of you for all that you... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 8/20 – 8/27/17

It is truly hard to explain how good the fishing has been this past week on Silver Lake!!!  Some of the words that come to mind are: Amazing, Outstanding, Unbelievable, Crazy, Marvelous, Fantastic, Overwhelming, Phenomenal, Staggering, and Spectacular, just to name a few!!!!  No Joke, this has been one of... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 8/13 – 8/20/17

There are only a few ways in which the fishing at Silver Lake could have improved over this past week and it happened!!!  A healthy load of 4,000 pounds of Desert Springs Rainbows was dumped into Silver Lake late Friday evening and it was like shooting fish in a barrel... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 8/6 – 8/13/2017

As we begin to say good by to summer, this weeks Fishing Report goes out to all those kids that have to go back to school, kicking and screaming, in the next week or two.  As you head back to school and are sitting in class day dreaming, we hope... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 7/29 – 8/5/17

Wow!!! What a week here at Silver Lake.  The water levels on the lake dropped about 2 feet this week as Southern California Edison slowed down the water flows coming through the dams at Rush Creek, the water temperature jumped from 54 degrees to hovering around 60 – 62 degrees,... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 7/23 – 7/30/17

The fishing on Silver Lake has continued to stay steady with some spots of brilliant fishing.  The lake continues to warm – 54 degrees – as the snow melt in the high country finally starts to slow, which is allowing our warmer days to heat that water.  As the lake... Read More