Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 9/25 – 10/2/16

October 2, 2016 9:20 am by Andrew Jones

The fishing on Silver Lake has been pretty good the last week plus with several nice size Rainbows, an occasional stringer and some very nice browns showing up.  DFW did stock last week but unfortunately we are now on the every other week stocking schedule so we won’t be getting a load this week but look for one next week.  DFW will stay on the every other week schedule through the remainder of the season.  Anglers have seen some really good success fishing from both the shore and a boat on Silver Lake using good old Fashioned Night Crawlers, the usual baits like Rainbow Glitter Garlic, Pinch Crawlers and Mice tails.  The fish are moving around a lot lately and working between the deeper waters to the shallows so don’t get stuck with what you have always done.  Think outside the box and work deep and shallow and switch up your rig.  If you like to troll, using a streamer like an Olive Matuka, Green Wooly Bugger or a Rainbow Hornberg. will work, also some Rainbow Rapala or Yo Zuri Minnows will do the trick.

Fall is truly here as things start to cool off and the Fall colors are working their way around the area.  Things seem a little spotty right now but should hit ultimate beauty in the next weekish.  Look into the higher country right now as they are peaking.  Don’t wait to long as things change very fast and a good wind storm can knock out a great patch of Aspens overnight.  Only two more weeks to come on up to Silver Lake and enjoy the Fall colors, the good fishing and a great breakfast or lunch at the Silver Lake Resort Café as we close for the season Monday October 17th for the season.

Happy Fishing and We Will See You at The Lake!!!


Well do  I have a fish story for you!!!  Its really not a fish story though, more like a true fish fact.  Steve Archer, out of Anaheim and a long time Silver Lake Family Member, was out fishing on Grant Lake like he is just about everyday when he hooked into an absolute Monster of a Brown Trout.  Fishing from the shore using a Berkley Pink and White Mouse Tail Steve was on for the fight of his life as he fought Big Walter to the shore.  With the help of his friends Steve was able to gentle bring in this monster to shore, take some great pictures, get a rough measurement of 35″ long with a 20″ girth and a weight of about 15 pounds.  We say estimate because Steve, knowing it is spawning season for the big Browns, very gently put Walter the Big Brown back into Grant Lake so he can do his spawning thing and bring more great Browns into Grant Lake for all do enjoy.  A True Fish Fact and a great story.  Well Done Steve, a true Angler!!!!

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