Fishing Reports

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 5/28 – 6/4/16

The warmer weather is starting to help make the fishing a little better this past week but the water is still sitting at 49 degrees as the snow melt from this past Winters Snow is dumping into the lake in Alger and Rush Creek.  The lake level raised about a... Read More

Silver Lake Fishing Report 5/21-5/28/16

Despite another tumultuous week of weather, the fishing at Silver Lake was relatively  strong with a number of gorgeous 2 plus pound Rainbows coming out of the lake.  The water temperature is still a little cool, sitting around 48 degrees but is slowly warming which means the fish are starting... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 5/14 – 5/21/16

The Fishing at Silver Lake was starting to turn the corner to really good early in the week then the weather changed and messed it all up.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week when the weather was perfect we saw a lot of rally nice two to three pound... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 5/1 – 5/15/2016

The Fishing at Silver Lake is starting to get going as we saw a lot of nice quality fish this past week.  The water temperature is slowly starting to warm up and the fish are getting a little more active and showing some good signs for fishermen both from the shore... Read More

The Opening Weekend of the 2016 Season was a huge success this past weekend with lots of Anglers in the area and lots of big fish being caught.  The avid angler was out on the water at 5:01 am as the legal start time for fishing was kicked off Saturday... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 10/12 – 10/17/15

The fishing on Silver Lake has seen some really good action lately despite the drastic changes in temperature over the past few weeks.  We have started to see some really good action near the surface of the lake mostly early in the mornings when its much cooler.  Both shore and... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 9/20 – 9/27/2015

The fishing at Silver Lake has been much like a roller coaster ride over the past week.  Up and down is the best way to describe it as the water temperatures still remain warm despite some cooler nights.  The word of the week was “Patience” as that is what it... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 9/12 – 9/19/15

The steady Fishing at Silver Lake has started to increase as the fish are starting to rise and show some really good action.  We have had some cooler nights again this week, in the mid 30’s, which has helped to slowly improve the fishing.  Good results have been seen from... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 9/6 – 9/13/15

As you can see from the pictures this week the “Big Boys” are starting to show up as we had a number of very nice Rainbows come in from both Silver Lake and Grant Lake this past week.  The fishing is still most productive down deep in the water but... Read More

Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report 8/31 – 9/6/15

When it hits, it hits hard!!!  Fishing was relatively slow this past week due to some heavy winds but the weather cooled off this Saturday and everything woke up and showed some great signs of life.  We had well over ten fish that were brought in this weekend that weighed... Read More