Meet the Joneses

The Jones family came to Silver Lake Resort in 1977, when Gary, Tina and their two young boys; Jason and Andrew, purchased the resort. The family had grown up in Orange County where Gary owned and operated his own Engineering firm, but felt the need to live a more natural life away from the ever growing city. After selling the Engineering firm to his partner, the Jones family adventure truly began. The first several years were spent year round at the Lake snowed in all winter, with the boys snowmobiling across the lake every morning to meet the school bus at the Power Plant.

We all grew and became a true family, working together to figure out how to run a mountain resort. Throughout the years we learned how to make a true general store work, cooked and cleaned in the restaurant, ran the housekeeping cabins, a RV park, operated and rented motor boats and several other tasks that made us the tight, hard working family that we are today. It was through these trials and hardships that allow us to appreciate where we came from and how we got to where we are today.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the boys went off to college where they learned what it was like living and learning in the city. Jason received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, while Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Arizona State University and his California Teaching Credential from National University in San Diego. They both survived and succeeded. In the fall of 1993 Tina was taken by cancer but the family has continued to carry on and strive. Tina, in only her own special way, brought the family even closer together.

Jason and Andrew have both traveled interesting and rewarding life routes. Today, Jason is a Landscape Architect in San Diego where his lives with his wife Alison and their twin girls Kaili and Tailor. After graduating from Arizona State, Andrew taught high school English and coached baseball at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego for several years, then moved to Oregon to grow sweet cherries with his wife Alisa’s family. Andrew still coaches today at Mammoth High School in Football and Basketball. Today, Andrew, Alisa, daughter Samantha, and son Tyier are my partners here at Silver Lake Resort. We have been a family resort since we started and here we are again. Andrew, Alisa, Samantha, and Tyier are the next generation that will make your stay at Silver Lake Resort one to remember and enjoy.

It is through ourselves, our staff, and our guests that we make Silver Lake Resort a true family place. We, along with our great staff, are here to make many happy family vacations for you. Silver Lake Resort is a place that we hold dear to our hearts. Come and enjoy Silver Lake Resort.